Business Clients

Please contact Tech Support at 303.209.2128

Residential Clients

Please review the following, if you continue to have issues please call 303.209.2128

    Connecting to the Network

    Look for the network:  –  use password:  alphawifi


    Network Interference

    Please unplug old Routers or WiFi equipment not being used.  We’ve found that a number of you have kept your old equipment powered up and running even though you are not using the equipment.  This equipment still broadcasts a signal and interferes with the network. This is very important to have a robust and quality network, please take the time to unplug any WiFi equipment, not in use.


    Connection Test

    From any device with Internet browsing capabilities navigate to, this page will give you and us a lot of information about your connection and it also helps us diagnose potential issues with the network as well as with your device.


    Reception & Speed

    This is usually not an issue if your equipment has a quality antenna, however, we’ve noticed that some older or less expensive equipment do not install quality WiFi antenna’s, we suggest you purchase a quality USB Dual-Band WiFi Adapter if you are experiencing problems.

    Netgear makes a quality USB Dual-Band WiFi Adapter, we suggest Model AC600 or AC1200 for Windows-based devices – visit: Netgear.  We rarely see problems with Apple equipment and we’ve noticed that Apple installs the best antenna’s available.


    Streaming Devices

    You can stream from many devices these days, the key to good quality streaming is the device’s capabilities. When purchasing be sure to buy one that supports both the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz (aka Dual Band) frequencies.  If you have problems with streaming devices like AppleTV, Roku, Xbox’s, and DVD Players make sure to place the device out in the open where the best signal can be seen by the device.  We’ve found Google Chromecast to be the least effective streaming device and AppleTV to be the best.


    Wireless Printers

    Some of you may want to set up a printer to print wirelessly from another device. This can be done, however, it requires some software work on our end. Please contact us if you need this capability.


    Known Issues

    Currently, the only issues we have experienced are with Xbox 360 and older Sony Play Stations. Most of the time we can get these devices to function properly, however, we have had a few issues that could not be resolved. Google Chromecast is supported, however, some models have issues connecting to the network.