Our history is in the Data, Insurance, Communications, Networking and IT began in 1981 when I started in Data Entry. I subsequently worked in Telephony for a number of years, followed by Insurance, which led to starting a company called Tele-Rate in 1989.

In 1989 my brother and I started, the first in the country, a Telephony based Insurance shopping service for consumers and business. In 1993 we merged with another company which led to operations on the Internet, also the first in the country. My primary role, now called NetQuote, was Marketing & Technology. We quickly became the largest and most profitable Online Insurance Aggregator on the web.

2005 saw the sale of NetQuote and I retired, however, less than 4 years later I was bored and started purchasing multi-family buildings in the Denver area. During this time I realized that the Internet was a constant issue for the tenants and started working on a better way to provide internet to the residents.

Calling on some of my former employees from NetQuote for their expertise in Networking and Internet Security we began to start laying the foundation for AlphaWiFi. We tried a number of companies products to see which would provide the best in WiFi and Networking necessary to our needs and finally settled on Meraki.

So it’s off to the races again and I’m loving it (you can only play so much golf), everyone told me that I couldn’t stay retired and I thought they were wrong, but they were right. I love Tech and also didn’t think I’d find anything that would excite me like NetQuote, guess I was wrong again.

So in closing, trust that anyone that knows me knows that I don’t cut corners, I stand behind what I do, and I do what I say. Let our team show you why we believe that your Network can be both the best, and affordable.

Keith Lawton
Phone: 303.209.2128
Email: KLawton@AlphaWiFi.com